Federico CorradiABOUT


UI Designer / Developer

Born and raised in Milan (Italy), I have a real rat passion for everything that is an expression of creativity – I am always looking for ways to express my digital thinking. I’m always hungry to explore new fields of the industry and learn new skills, and I’ve got a profound interest in understanding the human interaction with the digital world. Outgoing, confident, client-facing and sociable, but at the same time a passionate hard worker that is completely dedicated to achieving both my professional and personal goals.

Coding skills

As with the software element of my skillset, my coding knowledge followed a similar process of development. My skills have improved dramatically since I started working full-time. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to build upon the range of languages I can code in and proficiency in it has improved markedly.

Design skills

Attending a technical institute (ITSOS Albe Steiner) gave me the opportunity to learn most of the Adobe Creative Suite software, and spend time getting to know it back to front. I now apply what I learned at university at the agency that I currently work at. I'm proficient with most common software, and more knowledgeable with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Social Skills

A real team player, focused on the group objectives rather than my personal one. Not afraid of confronting my self with different point of views and always open to learn from constructive criticism. Sociable and keen to bound with my coworkers, not only on a professional level but also on a personal one.

Sites I like

Fleava | Digital Agency

Fleava | Digital Agency

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Adoratorio — Digital Creative Agency

Adoratorio — Digital Creative Agency

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14islands | Creative design & development studio.

14islands | Creative design & development studio.

We're a team of makers, a nimble studio of designers and developers with a human-friendly approach to digital. With many years of experience, we love our craft and never take ourselves too seriously.

I hope you've found something that caught your attention. If that's the case, please get in touch, I'm always open to discuss new exciting opportunities.